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'Because The Truth Matters'

‚ÄčQuantum Investigations has been helping people for over 20 years.  We don't do it all, but what we do we do well.  We are experts at finding people (especially those that do not want to be found). surveillance, criminal and civil investigations, insurance investigations, and domestic situations.

We could go on and on filling pages with explanations of what we do and why we're better than everyone else, and so on.  That's a waste of your time.  We have a limited number of types of cases we do, period.  Tell us what you need, and we'll either be able to help you, or we can direct you to a company that can.

If you want to find out more about what we do, or just need some free advice, please call us at 480-269-7099.  No cost just to talk to us.