Unfortunately insurance investigations has hopped on the trendy bandwagon of using nationwide companies for their investigations.  To a certain degree, it's understandable.  After all, if they needed an investigation done in Alabama one day, and in Colorado the next, a nationwide company seems like the easy way to do it.  However like with all things, there are drawbacks.

One drawback is the quality of an investigation that you may receive.  Many of these nationwide companies simply hire local employees for a very low wage to perform surveillance and investigations.  It may be convenient to have a one size fits all approach, but it's not always the best.  Local smaller companies many times have much better investigative skills and experience because of the control they have over their local investigations.

I am not slandering any particular companies here.  I'm only stating that insurance companies, self insured companies, and third party administrators should take the tie and effort to check into local investigation firms before blindly going with a nationwide behemoth.

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