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Free Information Searches

​Below are a list of links to many different record information sources. Many you may already know about, some you may not. This was set up to be a handy place to have them all in the same area.  Have fun!

Links To Record Websites

Click On Descriptive Links

Find out about Sheriff Joe's resort guests.  Name and DOB required

Find minutes on a Maricopa Superior Court case quickly

Find case information to all courts in Arizona that are online

​Find Maricopa Judges and Commissioners

Look up a property owner with the address or name

Check on mugshots around the country

Find inmates in Pinal County jail

Find inmates in Arizona State Prison system

Free real estate forms-deeds, etc.

State of Arizona Employee Directory

The absolutely best bbq anywhere, and I've tried a lot! (I receive no consideration for this, just wanted to share it).  Smoked brisket melts in your mouth!

​​If there's anything you'd like to see on here, please let us know and we'll get it on here.​

Just a note I'd like to add here.  There's no such thing as a "national criminal records check." The closest thing to that is the NCIC, which only law enforcement has access to.  Even that is not complete.  This country is full of counties, parishes, districts, as infinitum.  In order to get detailed information on someone's background you have to find out where someone has lived, worked, etc.